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Teamsters UAL Negotiators Fail in Negotiations;  IBT to use Continental contract at United


June 18, 2010 UAL IBT negotiators announced that they will now use Continental’s contract as a guide to negotiate your UAL contract. The UAL membership will now rely on a contract from Continental mechanic negotiations which does not contain our seniority protections, outsourcing limits, work protections or other critical scope that mechanics at United have fought and sacrificed for over the last 25 years.

You can view the Continental contract at www.mechanicsforchange.com. Continental mechanics have stated there have been basically no improvements in this contract over the last 12 years of Teamster representation at Continental.

The Teamsters have failed to enforce our existing contract; they have failed to negotiate any contractual improvements with United over the past year and a half of negotiations. This announcement from the Teamsters negotiators clearly demonstrates their lack of experience. The IBT appointed negotiators are willing to scrap UAL contract language built by our mechanics over the past 25 years for a contract being negotiated by the IBT at Continental.                                  

Teamsters and their appointed UAL negotiators are again showing their inexperience representing the mechanics at United.

In May the UAL SFO-OV Chief Steward stepped down under threat of recall for dereliction of duty. Appointed Business agents allowed him to remain on the UAL IBT negotiating committee, until SFOOV shop stewards found out and demanded his removal from the UAL Negotiating Committee. Teamsters Business agents pleaded for understanding to settle this issue “in house”.

These actions are a clear reflection of the appointed representatives in the Teamsters union who are currently negotiating your contract with United Airlines.  They have not enforced many areas of the contract over the last 2 years. Will they now surrender these rights and protections we have fought for over the last 25 years? Seniority rights, furlough protections, lifetime recall rights, C-check, Component and Engine Shop work area furlough protections, OSV annual audit language and grievance procedure rights and legal council.

The leadership of the IBT sent a clear message during the on property meetings at SFO and other UAL stations. IBT leaders stated negotiations were going nowhere and that any changes in language would have a cost…where does this leave us?  The IBT has surrendered your right to negotiate a contract here at UAL.

The UAL Mechanics and Related now stand to lose seniority rights, job security provisions and critical scope language that protects our work and our membership during these IBT closed door negotiations.

Over the last two years the IBT has failed to enforce outsourcing language, contract mediation rights, grievance language and other CBA rights. The number of grievances on file by the SFO membership has doubled over the past 2 years.   The only solution the IBT had was to remove the third step grievance rights and to shove grievances into their desks and pretend they don’t’ exist. Grievances have doubled and the “IBT Board of Adjustment” is a surrender of your contractual rights! The United Airlines mechanics need to change representation before the IBT destroys what is left of our contract and our membership loses all of the rights we have fought for over the last 25 years.

With the IAMAW and the AFL-CIO United mechanics can and will enforce the existing contract and negotiate the best contract possible for our UAL Mechanics and Related. Only the IAMAW has the negotiating history, resources and structure to properly represent the mechanics at United Airlines. 

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In 2002 United Airline mechanics achieved an Industry leading contract with the IAM a 46% pay increase
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In 2005 Continental Airlines was in concessionary contract negotiations with all its unions.
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